Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wandering around Marina Bay at night

Traveling can be a source of nice and new experience as long as you dare talk to people and do what you normally don't do: hanging out with people you don't know.
On my last trip to Singapore I met by chance a German girl who was traveling alone in Singapore. The morning I checked in, I saw a girl working on her laptop next to the hotel counter. She was alone, so I dared to talk to her.  She told me that she is German and that she grew up in Bremen and that currently she was pursuing her Ph.D in Germany.  She added that she was traveling alone around south east Asia and that this trip was a kind of relax before going to Sidney were was expected to present her research paper in an international conference.
I told her that I lived in Germany some months, and that I traveled a lot there... I uttered some German expressions telling her that I love reading and writing.  As the conversation went on we could find common things between us... Suddenly she suggested something: "I heard about a night show at the Marina Bay Hotel, people comment that it is  a nice show".  I also read about it - I said- however, I didn't go yet to that place.  However, if you are free at night we can go together. She  agreed!!!  Below see some photos of that night.  These photos are specially beautiful owing to -besides the model- the bokeh effect... click here to find out what bokeh is about

That night, although we were still strangers from each other, we talked about different topics, about our dreams, fears, about our nice and sad experiences, I make jocks and she laugh a lot... At the end, after walking some kilometers we came upon a Thai restaurant which is located next to a bridge from where we could see the Marina Bay! So we enjoyed Thai food :)

My photography gear was an AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens mounted on a Nikon D9.  The lens is awesome to create bokeh effect.
 _DSC0298.jpg _DSC0199.jpg _DSC0297.jpg
 _DSC0293.jpg _DSC0291.jpg _DSC0277.jpg _DSC0275.jpg _DSC0273.jpg MARINA BAY SAND AS BACKGROUND _DSC0214.jpg _DSC0213.jpg _DSC0208.jpg



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