Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Marina Bay Sand hotel & Merlion park (some panoramic views) - Singapore

The following pictures is a compilation of some photos I took during my last two trips to Singapore! Each picture displayed below is composed of several (from 4 to 8) vertical shots. Then using photoshop I aligned and stitched those images together to form a single panoramic image. Yes, vertical images can capture more of the sky and ground as can be seen in the photos; enjoy it!

_DSC0267-Edit.jpg 1. This photo is about 300° panoramic view. As in photo #3, The Marina bay sand hotel is located in front of the Merlion Park, however, in this photo these two structures seem to be located at the side from one another.

2. Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Arts Science museum taken from the a bridge covered by an DNA-like structure.
 _DSC0266.jpg 3. The Ars Science Museum, the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the merlion statue.
 _DSC0240.jpg 4.The Merlion Park viewed with the Singapore skyline in the background. The merlion statue has a lion's head and a fish's body.
 _DSC0229.jpg 5. A close up of the Marina bay sand hotel and the museum art science !!!
 _DSC0112-Edit.jpg 6. On my walking tour in Singapore I stopped at the Saint Joseph's Church which was built a century ago. From this church I took this photo.
 _DSC0467-Edit.jpg 7. After visiting the Garden by the Bay (upcoming entry), I took the rear side of the Marina bay sand hotel. it can be spotted the Singapore flyer and part of the Garden by the Bay as well.
 _DSC0335.jpg 8. In the middle of this cement jungle, I came upon this beautiful view... do you know the name of this flower? By the way, would you like to try it as a desktop background?? it is quite relaxing... just try it!

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