Friday, December 19, 2014

Show laser at the Marina Bay Sand Hotel - Singapore

Bellow is a branch of photos I took during the laser show at the Marina Bay Sand Hotel. It is not easy to make this kind of photo unless you have a camera with manual control. It is not easy because the 'object' in this case the light is constantly moving. To capture the background (hotel building) I needed some exposure time since it is completely dark. So, I used manual control, 6 seconds exposure at f/8. See below the results. Of course to shoot at this setting you need a steady tripod. 

If you want to see panoramic views of this place during the day, click here. This place at night is also a perfect setting to shoot portrait photos with bokeh effects, click here to see some examples.
  _DSC0242.jpg 1)There are two shows per night and each one lasts about 15 minutes. In this photo the shows is starting. _DSC0219.jpg 2) The laser show is accompanied by music which makes it a very romantic scene. The night I attended the showed, "what a wonderful world" was played. _DSC0234.jpg _DSC0246.jpg _DSC0239.jpg _DSC0222.jpg _DSC0256.jpg _DSC0261.jpg _DSC0264.jpg

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