Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Star friendship 
Although some could claim that Friedrich Nietzsche became insane at the end of his life, we however are still intrigued by Nietzsche, the great philosopher but also an astonishing poet.  One might think of a number of answer to my utterance: the variety of his interest, his entertaining and accessible style, perhaps his aphoristic ambiguity that leaves so much more work to the readers of our time and hence keep the reader thinking back over it, again and again.   
The picture was taken in Khao Yai National Parlk, Thailand on November 4th, 2012

"We were friends and have become estranged. But that was right, and we do not want to hide and obscure it from ourselves as if we had to be ashamed of it. We are two ships, each of which has its own goal and course; we may cross and have a feast together, as we did - and then the good ships lay so quietly in one harbour and in one sun that it may have seemed as if they had already completed their course and had the same goal. But then the almighty force of our projects drove us apart once again, into different seas and sunny zones, and maybe we will never meet again - or maybe we will, but will not recognize each other: the different seas and suns have changed us! That we had to become estranged is the law above us; through it we should come to have more respect for each other - and the thought of our former friendship should become more sacred! There is probably a tremendous invisible curve and stellar orbit in which our different ways and goals may be included as small stretches -let us rise to this thought! But our life is too short and our vision too meagre for us to be more than friends in the sense of that sublime possibility. - Let us then believe in our star friendship even if we must be earth enemies".

Friedrich Nietzsche

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