Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mieng Come, Thai appetizer

Mieng Come is a delicious Thai appetizer. I had my first encounter with this appetizer when my wife and I went to a floating market located in Rayon about two weeks ago.   The ingredients are basically toasted shredded coconut, flakes lemon, peanuts, small size dried shrimps, dried ginger, red onions, Thai chili peppers, piper armentosum or Collard greens,  and sweet sauce.  In the right side of the picture you can see a Thai dessert called Khanom Mo Kaeng.
This is the way how to blend the leaves.   There are very simple rules that we have to follow if we want to do it perfectly.

She carefully explained the procedure ... again, again and once again...  
As you can see, now it is ready!!! We used the leaves as the ‘wrap’ for the ingredients, topped that with the sauce and bit into it.

Here we go: we put on the leave dried shrimps and fresh ginger...

then, toasted shredded coconut...
then, roasted peanuts...

...Lemon... _DSC7957.jpg
...Red onion... _DSC7959.jpg
... and finally, on the top of all of them she pour the sauce...

As I chewed the small parcel, various, actually countless, flavours exploded in my mouth. Just a year ago, I was reluctant to try some kind of typical Thai food, dessert and appetizer since the combination they do in Thai cuisine was rather odd for me.   Thus, some days at dinner I used to have a 'more' familiar food while my wife had noodles or Asian food, as an example click here.  However, currently I am already familiar with the delicious Thai food.  Thus, no sooner I chewed the small parcel than I was hooked.  While eating, my wife -in a funny way- told me that, long ago the way how the young woman open their mouths to introduce in it this appetizer was a key criteria for being chose as a girlfriend for young Thai guys.  Thus, I suppose, eating this appetizer was  almost an art performed with harmonic movements ; ) 
The main gate of Ko Kloi  Market in Rayong.  I will post some pictures of this place later.

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