Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Day Trip to Suphan - Buri: Wat Pa Lay Lei

Suphan - Buri or City of Gold owing to the name derives from the Sanskrit words Survarna (gold) and Puri (town) is an historical place because -among other things- the legendary elephant battle between King Naresuan the Great and the crown prince of Burma took place in this area a bit more than 500 years ago.  Besides the importance of historical heritage, Suphan Buri is also an amazing place owing to its natural attractions such as caves, waterfalls, bird parks, fish sanctuaries, crocodrile farm, huge rice plantation, ancient Buddhist temples and even buffalo village and a 100 years old Samchuk market. All these wonders is located just a hundred kilometers away from the busy, crowded and noisy city of Bangkok. 

Last week, a trip to this place was organized by MU, so I joined it. We visit 3 places: Wat Pa Lei Lai, Sam Chuk 100 years old market and Buffalo Village. Due to the number of pictures, each place is posted independently. So, click on your desired place to be redirected to it and see the pictures of that place.

*Blogger has changed its template, now I cannot write any comment below each picture...  I need time to fix it... or to learn how it works.

1st Place: Wat Pa Lay-Lei
A panoramic view of the Wat Pa Lei Lai. According to some this temple is regarded as the most sacred temple in Suphanburi province.  In this temple lies Luang Phor Toh,  a Buddha image which is 23.46 meters height, and 11.20 meters widht.

The temple has been built more than 1200 years ago... in the picture, the main entrance to the temple where is located the main Buddha Image.

_DSC6636.jpg_DSC6639.jpg _DSC6641.jpg _DSC6642.jpg _DSC6644.jpg
Luang Phor Toh is the main Buddha image in this temple, which is 23.46 meters height, and 11.20 meters widht. _DSC6647.jpg _DSC6649.jpg _DSC6650.jpg _DSC6651.jpg _DSC6654.jpg _DSC6657.jpg _DSC6666 _DSC6678.jpg _DSC6682.jpg _DSC6688.jpg _DSC6691.jpg _DSC6692.jpg _DSC6693.jpg _DSC6696.jpg _DSC6698.jpg _DSC6672

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