Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Day Trip to Suphan - Buri: Buffalo Village

One way to experience the traditional lifestyle of Thai farmers is at the Buffalo Village in Suphanburi. In Thai it is called “baan kwai”. Thai farmers, and their trusty companions, the buffalo, are considered the backbone of the country. The Buffalo Villages feature the rural lifestyle in the central region such as Thai farmer villages, rice-threshing ground water, buffalo ranch, traditional Thai houses on stilts. Buffalos were really important in the Thai farmer live, they are in fact hardworking animals that all farmers can rely on. The use of buffaloes was starting to die out on farms as farmers turned to other means of ploughing such as using tractors. However, it is said, when fuel prices started to rise then some farmers decided to go back to the trusty buffalo. So instead of visiting a farm, people can now learn about traditional farming at this theme village. They aim not only to raise awareness of the important role the buffaloes have played but also to help conserve the dwindling breeding stock. The main attraction here are the daily buffalo shows which last about 30 minutes. Visitors can also enjoy many corners featuring different local wisdom such as Thai medical knowledge, traditional Thai massage, local herbs, and Thai astrology.

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