Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Innate Talent!

I proudly have to say that the following pictures were taken by my wife. Besides she is not a photographer, she shot these pictures with a cheap Sony compact digital camera only. 
The morning she was leaving for this trip, I told her: well, your homework is to take at least 100 photos during the trip :-D... Of coure, I was just kidding. The day she came back home, she brought with her these small pieces of art, instead. I am actually amazed at these photos. 
Well, the reason? ... it is an innate talent for telling stories with visuals!!! However, whenever I graps a book of photography and sits besides her to read it, she looks at my book out of the corner of her eyes. It seems she is not so interested in; however, I from time to time interrupt her for help or gramatical explanation. She gazes my book briefly and then answer me. It seems, that is more than enough time to her to grasp the photographic technics I am reading about ; )
DSC02277.jpg DSC02284.jpg DSC02276.jpg DSC02266.jpg DSC02255.jpg DSC02247.jpg

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