Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wat Khun Chan -Thonburi

A panoramic view of part of Thomburi area.  In the middle of the picture you can see the Wat Khun Chan, can you spot the Pagoda?  This photo was taken from a building near to King River.

A close-up view of Wat Khun Chan
This picture was taken from the same point the above picture was taken.  I used a nikon lens at 300mm

Wat Khun Chan-0662
On the left handside of Phasricharoen canal is the Big White Pagonda which belongs to Wat Pak Naam.  On the right handside is located the Buddha Image turning his back to the canal.  This picture was taken two years ago as we took a canal tour here in Bangkok.

Wat Khun Chan-0667
Two Buddha's image: The biggest one is riding three Erawan elephant which is believed is a vehicle of Phra Indra or the Amarin God (a hindu God).  And the second one is an small reclining Buddha -around 8 meter long- facing to the canal.  This Buddha images lies in Wat Khun Chan.  

Those are the main images of the Wat Khun Chan.  Buddha is surrounded on the left, by the Amarin (Hindu God in green) and on the right by a Naka with seven heads.


In the picture, Rahu or Black Daemon is eating the moon. This is one of the  earliest answer to how and why happens the lunar eclipse.  Buddha is ridding three white elephants above him.
On our way to the temple, just coming into it a local guy approaching us told us that this Rahu image is the biggest one in Thailand.
My favorite model posing for my camera in front of the beautifully decorated reclining Buddha.
Beneath  the reclining Buddha (see the above picture)  there is a holy tunnel.  It is believed that whoever walks through it, it will bring her/him the good luck. 


  1. Very Beautifull
    Day berofe westerday I visite this two beautifull temples, and take same photos.
    Last year I see the procission with the image of Reverend Luang Phor Sodh, now this sacred image are in the Wat Paknam Bhasichroen.
    Tanks for the beatifull images of the temple Khun Chan.

    My best regards

  2. Muito obrigado!!!
    You are right, those temples are really astonishing... I like the way Thai people preserve their culture, believes and traditions.
    Hope you still lot of fun in Bangkok.