Sunday, July 15, 2012

King Rama VIII Bridge and King Rama VIII Statue

A group of local people pay respect to the King Ananda Mahidol Royal Monument at the foot of Rama VIII Bridge.  This royal statue is an enlarge replica, three times larger than life-size, of the original statue in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 5.40 metre high state was crafted from the metal moulds is the largest ever to be erected in Bangkok.  The statue also has a symbolic connection with the Rama VIII Bridge that is situated nearby.  Photo taken from the King Rama VIII bridge.

'This splendid bridge, the park and the royal monument are a conbined token of the Thai people's enduring appreaciation and memory of their dearly beloved monarch'.







The pier connects to a nice restaurant to which my wife and I go from time to times for dinner.  Here a picture of the bridge at night taken from this restaurant






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