Monday, July 2, 2012

Joanne, model & The Wai

This is the Thai Wai, through it let me thank you for visiting the blog!!!

The Wai
In Thailand, people greet each other by gracefully raising both hands near the head or chest and pressing their palms together like as in prayer and say “Sawadee Krub” (male) or “Sawadee Ka”, (female) See the picture above. This gesture is called a “Wai” and it’s the traditional and current way of greeting and showing respect to each other. 
However, people Wai (greet) each other not for the sole purpose of greeting, but the wai is a gesture of respect, and gratefulness.  So, the greeting is done just by saying “Sawadee Krub/Ka” and the wai adds respects to the greeting. Thai people also wai when someone gives someone a gift and say “Kob Khun Krub/Ka” while receiving the gift. So you see, the main purpose of this gesture is actually to show respect and not simply a way of saying “Hi”.

Describe a beauty of a girl/woman is tough to me.  I remember the first time I tried to do.  I was a high school student, in the first grade.  It was fall, a Friday afternoon when my classmates and I were coming back our homes.    we walked along a promenade surrounded by tall, brown and bushy trees.  It was cold but a nice day, I remember that dead leaves covered the ground. Suddenly my friends disappeared instantly and I was left alone … next to me was she…  the most stunning girl of my school.  I was so nervous that I was about to run away from her as if I had seen the devil himself, hahahaah yes now I can laugh.  I think she noticed my feeling and to make things worse she after a short silence asked me: what do you think about me? Can you describe me?
I was speechless when I heard that question… I began to sink into a timeless silence, unable to think, unable to use the words… when suddenly I uttered: ‘you are too beautiful to describe...I think you are an angel’. She instantly laugh, then I also laugh, we laugh a lot that afternnon... we continue walking down street  And guess what???  At the end of that street she rewarded me with a tender kiss on my cheek… Of course, I didn’t wash that part of my face for almost one week!  Thus, whenever I think about what the beauty is, I prefer to use any tangible thing such as the portrait or figure of a woman to attempt to answer it.
To describe the beauty of a girl or woman, many people use metaphors and poems, in this case I left you these pictures so that you can use your imagination to describe this very used word but scarcely understood.   



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