Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thonburi Snake Farm,

A trip to a snake farm could be exciting and very educational for both children and adults, hence there are several snake farms here in Bangkok.  Thailand, being a tropical country, abounds with snakes of great varieties, poisonous as well as harmless. it is said that each year a large number of casualties are caused by venomous snakebite.  Any way, the snake farm is an attraction in Bangkok for tourists coming from all around the world.
According to the specialist, snakes by nature are not aggressive and will attack human beings only under provocation. They see better at night and therefore will not naturally be seen around in broad daylight. Snakes have no external ears and are deaf to sounds. A snake can quickly perceive the approach of a footstep by the vibration conveyed through the ground with which it's body is in contact. The tongue is an organ of smell.
Snakes feed on animals. King Cobras live on live snakes. Water snakes live on fish. Other species live on rats, frogs, insects etc. A snake prefers food killed by itself. Once having fed, the snake will not require food for days.
Poisonous snakes found in Thailand are Cobra, King Cobra, Banded Krait, Russell's Viper, a few species of Pit Vipers and some species of Sea Snakes.  Well, do you know what is the most deadly snake? By considering the lethal dose of venom in experimantal animals and severity of poisoning in humans, Cobra is the most deadly. In a fatal case of Cobra bite the victim dies in a short time, about one to six hours. 
During the show, they like to scare the audience pretending to throw the snakes into the crowd.  At the end of the show they allow people to touch the snakes. So beware the joke and avoid having a heart attack. 
My wife, personal assistant, secretary, model, and so on ; ) rests for a while at the bank of the Phasricharoen canal at the Snake farm main entrance. 

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