Saturday, June 2, 2012

Old photo...

This is a photo taken 4 years ago in Lisberg, a small town close to Frankfurt in Germany. To go to Lisberg, I took a train in the Bonn central train station to Frankfurt . After 45 minutes I got Frankfurt, and there I took another train to a village closest to Lisberg. At this last station, my best friend's father -whom the first time I met was in Chile the year before- was waiting for me. The great conditions of german roads and his Audi allowed us to be in Lisberg in less than 20 minutes. On our way to home my friend's papa told me that  some months before my arrival in Germany he moved to the black forest for one month just to lear spanish: what a great host!!!
Once at home I met another Argentinean friend, we spent together one week at home of my German family... It was a wonderful intercultural experience!  And the most important I gained a family and two good friends.
How can I show my gratitude to my German family?...
You can see more pictures of my trip to Germany here and here

History will record
that among us
walked certain angels

whose wings
wove patterns
of laughter
in the air

whose songs
the humdrum
of our days

whose dance 
lifted us
made our
lives lighter

History will record
too late
our indifference: 
all these strange
odd, eccentric
ethereal angels 
who once walked among us...
Cecil Rajendra


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