Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pattaya, 2012

I am the one who loves very much the ocean and beaches.  Last week I spent some days in Pattaya.  It is the second time I visit this nice and overcrowded beach.  if you want to know how to get Pattaya from Bangkok click here.  The first time I visited it I  lodged in a hotel located on the top of a small hill, click here to see a panoramic view of the hotel.  To see a panoramic view of Pattaya city from Khao Phra Tamnak (the top of the hill) click here and here to see pictures taken at early morning as the sunshine has a special orange color.

A young couple come into the scene
This time, I wanted to do something different.  If you see the pictures from my first visit to Pattaya you will notice soon that I used to spent the whole day with may camera shooting the whole day!!  This time a bit more experienced, I leaved the camera at my hotel room and went with my wife to the beach to walk barefoot along the beach for hours, to swim, to sit on the shore, looked at the sea and read a good book. However, at 5 Pm, I came back to the hotel to pick up my camera.
By this time, my wife, on the contrary, decided either to stroll along the promenade, by the way, during those days there was a rock festival so -as you can imagine- the walkway close to the beach was really crowded and noisy; or   to have a body massage.  Well, I decided to sit down on the shore and see the sunset! I mount the camera on the tripod, with my camera pointed to the sunset sky (just below the sun) I adjusted my aperture until the camera's light meter indicated correct exposure and then recomposed the escene and wait for something interesting to fire away!!!

No sooner did I sit down on the shore than a couple come into the scene. They sundendly and magically started posing for my lens.  I know some people hate to be photographed, and after realizing there is someone with a camera they flee quickly!

Just minutes before the sunset is a wonderful time to capture silhouettes.  I didn't ask people to pose for me, the only thing I did is to sit down on the shore, set up my tripod mount my camera on it, and shot!!!


After a while, the couple -a Russian couple- gained confidence and approach me for a proposal.  The guy kindly told me that they wanted to have some memories from Pattaya and if I took their pictures he would pay me with money.  I denied it but I told him that I would love to take their photograph and that I will email them some of them.  He accepted and pictures above are some of them.  By the way, I have already email him those pictures!!!!













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