Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last day, Pattaya

A handsome boy passes by us carrying his toys remind me that to have fun we don't need to spend a lot of money... it is good enough simple toys and good imagination!!

The last day in Pattaya -click here to see some pictures of  our last visit to this beach, and here to see more pictures and info about it- we went to the beach early in the morning to stroll along it.  Although it was so early to be at the beach (7.00am) there were already many guys offering  not only travelling program and packages  to the island located just in front of Pattaya -around 45 minutes by yacht-packets, but water sport such as water skiing, jet-skiing, banana boat and aerial sport such as paraglide as well. My wife proposed me to do parasailing, but I rejected it.  About the price... well you know that in touristic places everything is expensive.   Flying around 5 minutes on parasailing costs around TBH 800 (around USD 25) :0  I think it is rather expensive.  However, there were many tourists in a queue awaiting for his/her turn!!! 
Early in the morning a group of tourists heading for Koh Larn island
Can you see the crowd waiting for his/her turn!!!  
A nice view of the Koh Larn island.  This island also called Coral Island is about 45 minutes by tourist boat away from Pattaya  or 15 minutes by speed boat, it is the largest of Pattaya's offshore islands.

The banana boat lasts around 30 minutes... here just starting they were quiet.. but during the whole trip due to the adrenalin they could not keep  their mouth shut :DD!!!
Just seconds before they fell down from the banana boat... 
An the end, I realized that the yacht driver makes them fall down every 500 meters... his goal was  just to increase their breathtaking experience!!!

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