Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Golden Mount, BKK

Just days after my arrival in Thailand in 2010, the golden Mount is one of the first places I visited.  If you want to read a short description of this touristic place, please click here.  Last week I was close to it, that day was so hot, I think hot enough to melt the hell, so I decided to come into it again...  it was the best way to be protected from the infernal sunshine. While going up through the long and narrow stairs, I came across this small and artificial waterfall.  Just I wanted to make a creative picture!!! My goal was to show motion-filled scene, thus Handholding my camera, I set the shutter speed to 1.6 seconds and adjust the aperture until f/11 indicated a correct exposure and then fired away!!
The picture is a little blur; to make this kind of photographic effect we need to mount the camera on a tripod to avoid -due to the slow shutter speed- any small shake spoils the snapshot.  ... but that day I left my tripod at home!

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