Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ordination Ceremony, Buddhist novice -Bangkok

Two weeks before Songkran (Thai new year or Water festival), in the main road (Ratchada Thapra Road) close to a Buddhist temple happened something really unusual and new for me. A group of new young novices surrounded by Buddhist monks was marching in procession to the Buddhist Temple located near to the road.

The procession was led by a big yellow and red dragon, dancing tireless.
Novices' relatives and parishioner takes presents such as clothes, flowers, foods and so on for the novices and Buddhist monks.  And at the rear of the procession a group of young and old ladies, dancing gracefully along the road, seems to say that that event was a moment for happiness and joy.
 Behind yellow and red dragons, a group of musician follows playing traditional songs.  
Novices, surrounded by monks, were wearing a white tunic which means purity; and they also carried yellow flowers on their arms which means rebirth. What drew my my attention was that they were walking barefoot along the road. In this season (summer) the weather is always above 32C. At this temperature the asphalt and the sidewalk is like a hot pan!!!

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