Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Novices, Bangkok -Thailand

Two weeks before Songkran (Thai new year or Water festival), in the main road (Ratchada Thapra Road)  close to a Buddhist temple happened something really unusual and new for me.
A group of new young novices surrounded by Buddhist monks was marching in procession to the Buddhist Temple located close to the road.   The procession was led by a big yellow dragon dancing tireless, behind them a group of musician, and at the rear of the procession a group of young and old ladies dancing and carrying flowers and presents for the novices.  These novices were wearing a white tunic which means purity; and they also carried yellow flowers on their arms which means rebirth.  What called for my attention was that they were walking barefoot although the hot weather -above 30C- at this temperature the asphalt and the sidewalk is a hot pan!!!! Any way, while looking at this young novices, an idea came to my mind and I recalled that we were born nude, and everything we got during our period of life is not but sporadic, and we won't take nothing with us the day we die.

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