Monday, March 5, 2012

One day trip, Mahidol University, first stop: Rattanarosin -Ratchaburi

The faculty of Graduate students at Mahidol university organizes, once a semester, a cultural trip to which its international students can join, socialize, get new friends and have a lot of fun!!! Last semester, although I wanted, I could not join them because there were not available seats. The trip is only for 60 students. I really got surprised because after 30 minutes of getting the invitation email, I tried to sign up but it was already full.    So to this trip, no sooner did I get the email that I signed up for the trip… and you know what? There were already 26 participants!!!! Anyway, I had luck this time!!
Well, about the province we visit, it is the second time I visit it. The first time I visited was 3 months ago, when a group of friends and I biked along it. To see those pictures click here.
Ratchaburi province is about 100km west of Bangkok, it is very well known and famous by the Mae Klong river and hundreds of klongs (canals). I think one of the most famous place to visit in this province is also the floating market. Click here to see a video . In contradistinction to Bangkok, the west of the province is more mountainous, and these are made mostly of limestone. There are several caves containing stactiles.

The first stop was at Rattankasin Pottery. Ratchaburi province is also very famous because throughout the province there are many famous pottery factories.

For production or large models such as water jars, they use the floor instead of a turntable.  For this method the modeler make use of his hands to build up the jar layer, step by step creating the requested design.
Farmers land is the main source for the clay supply.  After removing the top layer they have to dig at least 1.50 meters deep to find the clay.  Before they transport the clay over a distance of 7km they check the quality first, if meets the factory requirements, they store it in the factory, a quantity enough for at least  one year production.

All these beautiful pottery is made of Farmers land.  They said that after removing the top layer, they have to dig at least 1.50 meters deep to find the clay.  Before they take the clay to the factory, a distance over 7 km, they have to check the quality.  If meets the factory requrirements , they store I in the factory, enough for at least one year production.


It is said that Rattankasin factory was founded 40 years ago… and it seems the business is running quite well that during the first years the factory lies only on 3 acres of land, and now the total factory side measures 9 acres.

A buddha image next to a monk image holding the buddha philosophy
My Thai friend playing with his modern camera. 
A dragon on a water jar.  By the way, to make the model extra beautiful they glaze it a mixture of 50% mud and 50% potash.



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