Monday, March 12, 2012

One day trip, Mahidol University - Bonus

Those photos, owing to their bacground, composition and light,  deserve an special entry on this blog. I took them in the last trip organized by Mahidol University, and as I have explained in previous entries the trip lasted one day only and we visited Ratchaburi, province. Although the short time we could visit 4 amazing places: Rattananarosin pottery factory,  Khaobin Cave, Ban Hom tien and The scenery vintage farm.  To see pictures of those places just click on them.
She was not modelling for my camera, she is looking to the one who is taking a photo; I was passing by, and suddenly noticed this could be a nice photo due to the green background, lines and shapes and immediately grasp my camera and shot. 
This photo is one the most I like it.  It seems that a lady is waiting for someone or something yearningly.  Hence, she often turns her face around her as if she were looking for something.  Using my imagination, it seems that her patience, emotion, her heart is plenty of life and love that even the colour of those trees seems to mirror it. The branches, and leaves seems to struggle for being the closest to her, and by doing so, it seems they dance according to her tune.  It seems she is the cradle or source of life that even some woods of that wound fence are getting green and seem to be about to reborn!!!  
Well,  in fact, she noticed that I was about to shoot and thus she turned her face out of my lens avoiding to be photographed :)  Any way, it is a great snapshot!!




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