Monday, March 12, 2012

One day trip, Mahidol University, 3d & 4th stop: Ban Hom tien and The scenery vintage farm at Amphor Suam Phuong district -Ratchaburi Province

The two last places we visited in Ratchaburi province was: Ban Hom tien and The scenery vintage farm at Amphor Suam Phuong district. Ban Home Tien or the ‘House of Scented Candles’ which is located near the kilometer 33 marker. From the top of this craftsman house -a small hill- we can see the mountain border with Myanmar.
The place is comprised of cottages made from old wood, the space is divided into two parts: a restaurant and a candle shop. Of course, the atmosphere is nice photographic landmark!!! 
We spent around 45 minutes in this place enjoying figures, statues, flowers made of wax.  
This is the main gate. The main merchandise for sale here is a large range of colorful scented candles, available in various designs, sizes and prices!!!

Baan Hom Tien is a quaint traditionally-designed compound where you can find colorful made-in-Ratchaburi Province fragrant candles and the most important good local food!!!

Before leaving, just in front of this house, there are many street vendors offering different kinds of souvenirs.  In the photo, my Japanese friend testing a local wine made of pineapple. 

Apart from the destination resorts, Suan Pueng has a handful of natural attractions that makes a pleasurable excursion.  Suan Pueng is about 160 km from Bangkok and is a very popular weekend destination.


Two boys play in front of me trying to call my attention in order to be photographed!!! : )

Each hour sheep are fed by people, to do so you have to buy leaves and this costs 40 Baht (around USD 1.00).  If you are not on time, you have to wait until the next hour, remember, they sell it for at least 10 minutes only.

I like this picture, it seems that sheep approaches people not only to be fed but to be caressed as well!!!

The temperature this day was above 30C My Thai friend looks like already tired!!!!

A Buddhist monk joined this trip too.   To have fun he jumped to and rode the ferries wheel.  Well, in overall, It was a nice multicultural experience, worthwile to do!!! I hope to join the next trip!!!!

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