Friday, March 23, 2012

Autumnal Colours: A cold morning in Germany

Not too long ago, at autumnal cold morning a German friend of mine, his father and I got up early and went hiking up to a hill. That early morning was still dark and all the way was still deserted.    
On our way, the cold morning wind hit our faces unceasingly; 'It is better off for all of you to stay at home' seemed to whisper us.   But our wandering spirit disregarded his threat.  The dead leaves spread all around the soil gave that morning not only singular tones of green and brown, but also a sweet scent of fertile land. While having this esthetic experience, the sun, the great star, bestowed a breathtaking image upon us.  
Ours souls were warmed up by these colors, and our bodies were warmed up by the morning sunshine in Lizberg, a town close to Frankfurt.
You can see more pictures I took in Berlin here.


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