Friday, January 13, 2012

An expensive wine!


The Tower Club at Lebua is a five stars luxury hotel in Bangkok, and according to some people it is the most coveted five stars luxury hotel in Bangkok by business men.  The architecture style is quite nice and elegant...  It remind you to Greek and Roman building with astonishing round pillars.
From the balcony of the plush suites, located on the top floors (51st to 59th) you can have a breathtaking sights of the city. However it is not tall enough to see much of the city. Better panoramic view you can get from the Bangkok’s tallest building, some picture from this building  you can see here
The time I visited this building with my two German friends ordered a bottle of wine. To be honest, it is too expensive, it cost a little more than 5,000 Bath (almost USD 160) What I didn’t like was the waiter was almost pushing the customers to finish their drinking or food as soon as they can. It seems that they are most focused on selling than whatsoever. Anyway, if you are planning to visit this hotel, I advise you to find out first the dress code and be really well provided with enough budget.

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