Friday, December 2, 2011

Special day in Thailand,

Outward view of Grand Palace in Bangkok. The palace is actually an architectural master piece built during many centuries. Inside the palace there are buildings built under both Eastern and Western Style. To see more pictures of these buildings click here.

Ratchadamnern Road. In December, many streets and avenues along the city are decorated nicely. Western people might understand that this decoration is owing to Christmas, but in fact it isn't. It is to commemorate and hold the Thailand King's Birthday, he was born on 5th December 1927.

We took a walk from Kausan Road to the Grand Palacce; on our way we saw many old and tall trees decorated with not only holding lights but orchids. As you can suppose this place by this time is a wonderful place for photographers!!!

Many times I walked along this bridge, but I have ever seen it beautifully decorated with lights and white and yellow fabrics. At night along Ratchadamern Road you can find many street vendors and ladies offering cheap massage which takes place on carpets laid along the sidewalk of the street.


A nice contrast, projecting a video at outward walls of the old Grand Palace. Many dozens of projectors were used to this show.

It was quite tough to take a picture of the Grand Palace roof. To take this picture I used a Tripod, and a Nikon lens 55-200 mm. Camera settings: manual function, f13 / sutter speed 4s.

Interesting light effects!! Camera settings: manual function, f13 / sutter speed 4s. ISO 200.




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