Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday at night December 10th, we had good view of a perfect Lunar eclipse here in Bangkok, Thailand, it was also visible from any part of Asia and different points of the world.
Yesterday night the moon rose in Thailand at 5.40pm, about 10 minutes before the sun sets. About an hour later, from 6.33pm, the moon's trailing (western) edge started to change color to yellow and red, as the full moon falls out of the sun's direct light and deeper into the shadow of the earth. The entire surface of the moon turned dark red for 51 minutes during the peak of the eclipse, between 9.06pm and 9:57pm Thailand time.
The moon started to move out from the Earth’s shadow at 9.57 pm, and emerged completely from the earth's shadow half an hour after midnight, Sunday morning 0:31am.
I was taking picture until 11.50pm I could not go on owing to the memory card (8 Gb) got full. Yes, of course, the night was so chilly and so windy; wind had my camera shake constantly thus I lost many shots : (
Anyway, I enjoyed a lot taking pictures of this amazing natural phenomenon. Ah, by the way, while taking pictures I heard the explosion of many fireworks, my wife with a mischievous smile told me that it was to scare Rahu who was biting the moon. According to Hindu believe Lunar eclipse occurs when Rahu tries to eat the Moon.
The below pictures were taken while the moon was moving out from the Earth's shadow.

There's a Nasa video about this lunar eclipse, click here and here

The moon is thoroughly immerse in the Earth's umbra.

























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