Monday, November 21, 2011

Strolling along Seam Reap, Cambodia

Seam Reap is by far the most touristic city in Cambodia thus is really crowded by many tourists coming from all around the world. I decided this time to take photos of lonely places scarcely visited by tourists. Although in South East Asia is already winter season, the day I strolled along the city was a really baking hot one. However, it is a worthwhile experience because there is always something worthy to be photographed.

A cycling picker parked his bike to take a little rest.

Although there is a wide variety of hotels in this city (variety of quality and budget), there are many under construction which means that the tourism rate -although the international economical crisis- is growing.

A excited toddler rides a cougar statue, looked after by his Grand mama.

What a comfortable mattress!!! Along a side of the river there are many animal statues to decorate the place, a tired worker take a nap laying on two deers!!!

The temple where is located this Buddha image is close to the Pub street, about three corners towards the River

A Buddha image asking to avoid war!

An Apsara image at a Buddhist temple close to an elementary school, in Seam Reap.

The walls which surround the temple is decorated with paints talking about the Buddha life. Next entry I will show the pictures to have a better understanding of Buddha and Buddhism. If you visit any temple give at least a little donation!! It helps to keep clean the temple and consequently make any visitors feel more comfortable.



An elementary school in Seam Reap, located close to the river. The educational system in Cambodia is 6-3-3-4. An according to an local resident English language became compulsory at elementary school 5 years ago.

As in many countries in South East Asia such as Thailand, pupils take off their shoes before coming into the classroom.

Students of upper school passing by a Buddhism temple. In Seam Reap there is no bus for pubic transportation. But of course, cars, motorcycle, bicycle, and Tuk Tuk are the main means of transportation.





Along the riverbank there are always people trying to fish with their handmade fishing rod.

This photo show the unfortunate and huge gap of poverty. Tourism is an important activity which is helping the country to recover from consequences of last civil war.


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