Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

A day Like today, November 2nd, I met a beautiful lady.  After an amazing time together, she has become my wife and partner of life lol.
Well, this week is our anniversary and I have not gift for her yet.  I don't know what to give her.  She knows that all I have is hers, and all what I am -and all the timeless joy I spend with her- I owe her. She loves me quietly, without questioning, without complain or melodramas... She is always looking at me with a mischievous smile! 
This is a new life and I didn't think that in justice I deserve it.  I love her, and I never thought to meet such as wonderful and kindest woman.  You, my love, are my "magnificent dawns"!!! By the way, you don't need to give me anything, my love.  In fact, you are already my daily gift of gods!!
 Enjoy the son, and....

And... Happy Anniversary my love ; )




  1. That was the most beautiful thing to say to your woman! I didn't thing Peruvians could be so sweet! LOL You and your wife are very lucky to have each other!
    Thank you for your link... you have a great blog!

  2. Dear Llayne,
    Thanks for your nice words!!!!