Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flooding in Bangkok

Look at the bus station!!!!! Flooding has been affecting all South East Asia during this rainy season. Since last two month Thailand has been hitting severely. It started in Chiangmai, a city in the Northern Thailand. Then, flooding spread over Ayutthaya and Pathumthani, these two historical and factory areas were sharply affected. Large amount of water heading to the ocean already got Bangkok, the city capital. It is said that Bangkok is going to be affected by it. Of course some areas will be more affected than others. Yesterday I took these pictures in Bangkok Noi district, an area close to our place.

A public transportation bus without air conditioned passing by the waterlogged street.

Floodwaters stretch to the horizon. Due to impacts from the storm Nock Ten from the end of July and the current intertropical convergence zone in the northern and northeastern regions moving to low pressure in the South China Sea as well as the southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea, it caused flash flood over 27 provinces which caused severe damages to a large number of agriculturists, people and entrepreneurs.

This road is close to Bangkok Noi Canal.

Yesterday by 4.45 pm Bangkok was aprox. 2.5 meters below sea level. The large volume of flood water from the north that needs to pass through Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand. High tides will slow the run-off through Bangkok especially along the Chao Phraya River or King River. As a result, significant flooding is expected in many parts of the capital during the period 27-31 October. Thus, the inundation in Bangkok is sure to happen.

I have heard on news that government advices people to leave Bangkok for at least two weeks.

Those roads looks like canals, happily the level of water covering the road is not hight just around 30 cm, but could get worse within next days.


A couple taking a photo, it is said this flooding is the worse in the last 50 years.


Local government building a sand bag wall to protect the area from the Bangkok Noi canal.
BANGKOK NOI CANAL - Last time we took a canal tour we pass by this canal. here a short history of the canal.
In the year 1522, king Phra Chai Rachathirat of Ayutthaya graciously ordered that an area at the narrowest point of Bagnkok Yai Canal had to be bud up, that was the mouth of Bangkok Noi Canal up till the mouth of Bangkok Yai canal. As for the area in front of the Thammasat University or in front of the Bangkok Noi Railway station up till wat arun Ratchawararam, has now joined and become part of the Chao Phraya River. Therefore the Chao Phraya River that passes around Bangkok has become part of the Bangkok Noi canal and Bankok Yai Canal.
When Bangkok Noi Canal was a part of the Chao Phraya river, it was only an agricultural area and the community residing around travelling time and the community also expanded on both banks fo the canal. in the year 1972 Bangkok and Thon Buri were combined to be the capital city. and Many roads were constructed on thonburi side this allowed more public assistance and public utilities and overall more comoforts within that area. Thereby allowing more people to stay within that area, therefore it was transformed into a big community from a very small one, the orchards and rice fields changed into houses, factories and office buildings. But anyway around Bangkok Noi Canal which was an area rich in arts , and culture, and religious buildings such as wat Sri Sudaram, Ban Bu community, Wat Suwannaram and others are still people living as they did many years ago.

The Bangkok Noi canal is actually overflowing!!!

This is a pier on the Bangkok Noi Canal, thoroughly under water. those sand bags is protecting from the unavoidable inundation.



The road is actually under canal level... we hope that little wall can protect the area.

Canal water pressure is really powerful, 5 meters away form the one side of the canal is liking water.



A flooded house!

Although this local shop is flooded is still working!!!


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