Monday, August 8, 2011

Baiyoke Tower II, BKK

Yesterday Sunday afternoon we went to Baiyoke Tower II, the tallest building in Bangkok.  The building is 304 m tall, or 328 m tall if its antenna is included. The building has 85 floors,  on the 77th floor there is a public observatory, an bar called "Roof Top Bar & Music Lounge" on the 83rd floor, and a 360-degree revolving roof deck on the 84th floor which you can go up and visit for amazing.  Construction of the building ended in 1997, with the antenna being added two years later, in 1999.
Entrance fee Baht 200 (almost USD 7.00) included a soft drink.   Click here to see panoramic pictures I took from the top of this building.

Dark clouds looming above the city. After one hour it pours for almost 3 hours that day.  

The day we visited this building was sunny -as you can see in the picture- quite suitable for taking photos, however, in less than hour it got cloudy -as you have seen in the first pictures- and started raining for several hours that day.
Can you spot people sat next to the windows?? As I told before, this building is the tallest one in Bangkok.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, it is said that more than 95% of Thais are Buddhist.   On our way to the Building we found many of this Spirit House.

A typical thai roof in front of the Bangkok tallest building.




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