Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giving food to the monks

Last Sunday, I joined a group of cyclists here in Bangkok. While waiting until everyone were ready for the trip, I took this picture. At or about 6 a.m., a Buddhist monk walking barefoot was passing us by. The temperature in that morning was around 29 C. During the day when it reaches 33 C, the monks may wear simple sandals. It is quite normal to see Buddhist monks walking barefoot along the street during the early morning

These ladies are the staff of 'Bangkok Excursion' who organize a cycling trip once a month. In the picture, they gave food to the monk. With this food, not only feed the monks but also the orphans who live at the temple.

After giving food to the monk, the ladies sat on their knees to receive the bless from the monk. The bless is normally given in Bali and it is reminder to practice the Buddha's instruction 'What you get is what you did'. If you give the others love and happiness, you will also get love and happiness in return.

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