Friday, August 26, 2011

Cycling trip in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

On Sunday 21st of August, we joined a cycling trip organized by Bangkok Excursion Company. We arrived their office early in the morning at 6.00 a.m.

This picture I took close to the office, here a group of cyclist were waiting already for us, around 6.30 AM. From this place we traveled by van to Khao Yai, 2 hours away from Bangkok

Khao Yai Province, When we decided to join them we thought that the trip was just for the amateur people who love cycling and travelling around the country. However, when we met them we found all of them were in the cycling sport wears, fully equipped, and with the professional bicycles. In the photos you will find all of the other members were professionally equipped, excepted me :(

This company is very well organized... even the company has its own professional photographer who will take picture of you while you are having fun :D We went to Khao Yai, Nakornratchsima province, in the northeastern part of Thailand by 3 vans which 2 loaded by the passengers and one loaded by the bicycles.


As I told before, all these cyclists are professionally equipped, they are professional cyclists, excepted me! Guess, who I am? :D

The trip was started at "King Naresuan Shrine" where you can see a number of "fighting cocks" around the garden. Well, let the race started lol By this time, I am still thoroughly sure that I will be the winner!!!!

After 11 Kilometers climbing

We are still having a lot of fun... 11 kilometers is nothing for us!!!

The condition of the road is perfect... very well paved.


In that corner, I fell down by accident while I was turning left at the corner :( Luckily I got just little scrapes on my elbow, hip and knee. We spent an hour for lunch break here.

Haven't you guessed yet which one I am?

We are already in the Khao Yai National park. The road was actually quite tough because we had to climb the mountain. However, it was really a great experience.




From this place starts the slope for more than 5 km


Along the road while we were cycling, we found a number of monkeys coming down from the mountain in order to look for the food. They are quite familiar with the tourists who are visiting here.

Part of the Peloton shows respect to the Mountain Spirit.

Our third stop was at the "Khao Yai Worship Shrine" and here another cyclist fell down from his bike, luckily, it was no so serious.


We finished at "Watermill Resort". The full trip was about 80 k.m. I made it, I reached this place, but by van :( We took a shower and joined dinner together here.

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