Thursday, August 18, 2011

Angkor beer

Every country has its own beer. I have preference for some brands, for example, in my country the one I like so much is 'cerveza cusqueña'. Most of the tourist visiting Peru prefer also this brand, its quality and its lovely texture and taste is above the international standard. Many airlines provide this beer for their customer during their international flights. However, the country where I enjoyed the most drinking good beers was in Germany!!!
Last time we visited Seam Reap, Cambodia, I tried Angkor beer, the cambodian beer. Truly speaking, I felt this beer as good as any others of international brand :( So, I asked my self that I will not be loosing one of my five senses. Any way, I brought with me some angkor beers to Thailand. I talked  to one of a good German friend of mine living now in Chile  about the Angkor beer good  taste, she replied me lovely: ummm I think you are becoming more and more Asian, more and more Thai.

To avoid a 'civil war' at home, some days we have our own dish, the one we are accustomed... Look at my wife dish!!!... she loves so much noodles :-\ Well you can see I am a bit simplier!!!

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