Friday, August 26, 2011

Cycling trip in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

On Sunday 21st of August, we joined a cycling trip organized by Bangkok Excursion Company. We arrived their office early in the morning at 6.00 a.m.

This picture I took close to the office, here a group of cyclist were waiting already for us, around 6.30 AM. From this place we traveled by van to Khao Yai, 2 hours away from Bangkok

Khao Yai Province, When we decided to join them we thought that the trip was just for the amateur people who love cycling and travelling around the country. However, when we met them we found all of them were in the cycling sport wears, fully equipped, and with the professional bicycles. In the photos you will find all of the other members were professionally equipped, excepted me :(

This company is very well organized... even the company has its own professional photographer who will take picture of you while you are having fun :D We went to Khao Yai, Nakornratchsima province, in the northeastern part of Thailand by 3 vans which 2 loaded by the passengers and one loaded by the bicycles.


As I told before, all these cyclists are professionally equipped, they are professional cyclists, excepted me! Guess, who I am? :D

The trip was started at "King Naresuan Shrine" where you can see a number of "fighting cocks" around the garden. Well, let the race started lol By this time, I am still thoroughly sure that I will be the winner!!!!

After 11 Kilometers climbing

We are still having a lot of fun... 11 kilometers is nothing for us!!!

The condition of the road is perfect... very well paved.


In that corner, I fell down by accident while I was turning left at the corner :( Luckily I got just little scrapes on my elbow, hip and knee. We spent an hour for lunch break here.

Haven't you guessed yet which one I am?

We are already in the Khao Yai National park. The road was actually quite tough because we had to climb the mountain. However, it was really a great experience.




From this place starts the slope for more than 5 km


Along the road while we were cycling, we found a number of monkeys coming down from the mountain in order to look for the food. They are quite familiar with the tourists who are visiting here.

Part of the Peloton shows respect to the Mountain Spirit.

Our third stop was at the "Khao Yai Worship Shrine" and here another cyclist fell down from his bike, luckily, it was no so serious.


We finished at "Watermill Resort". The full trip was about 80 k.m. I made it, I reached this place, but by van :( We took a shower and joined dinner together here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giving food to the monks

Last Sunday, I joined a group of cyclists here in Bangkok. While waiting until everyone were ready for the trip, I took this picture. At or about 6 a.m., a Buddhist monk walking barefoot was passing us by. The temperature in that morning was around 29 C. During the day when it reaches 33 C, the monks may wear simple sandals. It is quite normal to see Buddhist monks walking barefoot along the street during the early morning

These ladies are the staff of 'Bangkok Excursion' who organize a cycling trip once a month. In the picture, they gave food to the monk. With this food, not only feed the monks but also the orphans who live at the temple.

After giving food to the monk, the ladies sat on their knees to receive the bless from the monk. The bless is normally given in Bali and it is reminder to practice the Buddha's instruction 'What you get is what you did'. If you give the others love and happiness, you will also get love and happiness in return.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue sky, BKK

Today afternoon, while listening to some Facundo Cabral's concert, I approached my bedroom window... and saw this beautiful view!!! Can you see the King River?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Angkor beer

Every country has its own beer. I have preference for some brands, for example, in my country the one I like so much is 'cerveza cusqueña'. Most of the tourist visiting Peru prefer also this brand, its quality and its lovely texture and taste is above the international standard. Many airlines provide this beer for their customer during their international flights. However, the country where I enjoyed the most drinking good beers was in Germany!!!
Last time we visited Seam Reap, Cambodia, I tried Angkor beer, the cambodian beer. Truly speaking, I felt this beer as good as any others of international brand :( So, I asked my self that I will not be loosing one of my five senses. Any way, I brought with me some angkor beers to Thailand. I talked  to one of a good German friend of mine living now in Chile  about the Angkor beer good  taste, she replied me lovely: ummm I think you are becoming more and more Asian, more and more Thai.

To avoid a 'civil war' at home, some days we have our own dish, the one we are accustomed... Look at my wife dish!!!... she loves so much noodles :-\ Well you can see I am a bit simplier!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

360° Bangkok

Here the pictures I took from, Baiyoke Tower II, a height of 300 m.  It was a little difficult to shot from this place due to  the  dirty of the outer windows and the pollution around Bangkok City. I used Nikon AF-S DX lens 18-55mm and 55-200 mm
Although many people complain about the traffic jam in Bangkok, the city has a good and very modern infrastructure.  In this photo you can see the spider net of high way.
Above the city, you can see the pollution coming from the traffic,
Sunlight passing through the dark cloud, and made a beautiful scene!
Modern spider net of high way
This area shows the expansion of Thailand´s economic and financial growth. On the top right you can also see the King River (Chao Phraya River)
It was around 3 pm...and look at the traffic jam on the bottom of the picture




Right bottom, Airport link is connected with BTS sky train, Phyathai Station
At the bottom of the picture you can see a canal, Bangkok used to be renowned as "Eastern Venice"  because of many canals were built along the city.
To the left of the sport club, Rachadamri BTS station
Siam Paragon, one of the biggest and modern department store in Bangkok,
Not far away from Siam Paragon you can see a very interesting contrast, see the traditional Buddhist temple under the two layers of Siam Interchange BTS sky train.
The Baiyoke I building (at left) used to be the Bangkok tallest building.

The train is leaving Phyathai station.

I wait for more than 20 minutes to take this picture.... Can you see the two trains??
In this photo, you can see the roof of Chulalongkorn University´s auditorium.

After taking photos, we went to the "Roof Top Bar and Music Lounge" on the 83rd floor to have some drinks, in a romantic environment ; )
Finally, enjoy the Panoramic view of Bangkok