Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tonle Sap, Cambodia.

What I like of photography is that I can capture the instant!!!

We took a bus from Grande Ville Hotel Bangkok, in China town.   It took an average of 4 hours to reach the border.  After two-hour travelling, the bus stopped at a station to refill the petrol and we took this as a shortbreak to have a simple snack, and to fill out the Cambodian visa application and the Thai immigration card.  On our way to the border, there is not too much to see, just farmers with buffalos, and huge rice fields and some small hills. Once at the border, the travel agency solicited our visa at the Consulate of Cambodia (USD 30).  It took less than 20 minutes.  There were not too much control at the custom office; police didn’t rummage our luggage either!!!  To pass from Thailand border to Cambodia took almost 40 minutes, it depended on the congestion at the immigration office.   There you can also change your money to U.S. Dollars or Cambodian Riels, the local currency.  To the first afternoon in Cambodia is enough change USD 20. However, most Cambodians use US dollars as well as their own currency. Even the little shops quote prices in US dollars.  
Talking about the both side borders I have heard that if you travel by your own –without a travel agency- some tourists have troubles (take too long to get visa, cheating etc, etc). 
From Cambodia side, we took another bus to Seam Reap, (two hours trip).  After one-hour trip the bus stopped at a local restaurant to have our lunch.  There, a tourist of my tour-group had an unhappy surprise!!!!  Most of us ordered “fried rice”, she also did it, but she found a really big cockroach in her dish when finishing her food.  Never mind, we also ate the fried rice from the same pot : (.
From Casa Angkor, a hotel in Seam Reap, we took a tour to Tonle Sap, we went there by “Tuk-Tuk” , it took less than 20 minutes to get the lake, (USD 10 round trip).  Once again, I strongly advise you to go there with a travel agency.  Last year, my wife and I went there by our own and I think we were cheated.  We paid USD 25 each one for a ferry.  This time I went there with a couple and we paid USD 2 only each one (Lake entry tax).   Of course, I am talking about the ferry ONLY, not the price of the trip which the travel agency may charge you.

The consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Can you see it? Yes, the cockroach!!! (click on the picture)
Tonle sap hill

There is a special belief, according to it, all children must be undressed, untidy and messy to avoid bad spirits take children to their world (to avoid children die)

Look at these children hair style!! This is to keep away bad spirits from them. 

Panoramic view of Tonle Sap, the biggest lake of South-East Asia


That day was really hot!!! Look at this lady taking a good shower!!!

over there a quite famous Australian restaurant...(according to my tour guide)

This is a wonderful shot!!!! The baby is helping her mama, by throwing the water from the boat into the lake!!!

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