Monday, July 11, 2011

"The Gift Of The Moon"

I hardly ever take my camera to the University.  Today morning,  by a little misunderstanding, I carried it to the university.  It wasn't a good day to use it due to I spent the whole day inside a conference room.   However, it says that "every cloud has a silver lining", in the afternoon when I came back my home and while walking toward it, I saw the beautiful and big moon.   Immediately I grasped my camera and took some pictures of her.  Today the moon was different from the other days... she was strolling on a deep dark blue sky; I stared at her for a while...  and suddenly came into my mind a breathtaking poem "The Gift Of The Moon" by Charles Baudelaire.  If you are going to read this poem, please don't be hurry, take a sit and if you can, have a glass of wine.  Cheers!!!, and enjoy the poem, enjoy this poète maudit!!!!

"The Moon, who is caprice itself, looked in at the window as you slept in your cradle, and said to herself: "I am well pleased with this child."

And she softly descended her stairway of clouds and passed through the window-pane without noise. She bent over you with the supple tenderness of a mother and laid her colours upon your face. Therefrom your eyes have remained green and your cheeks extraordinarily pale. From contemplation of your visitor your eyes are so strangely wide; and she so tenderly wounded you upon the breast that you have ever kept a certain readiness to tears.

In the amplitude of her joy, the Moon filled all your chamber as with a phosphorescent air, a luminous poison; and all this living radiance thought and said: "You shall be for ever under the influence of my kiss. You shall love all that loves me and that I love: clouds, and silence, and night; the vast green sea; the unformed and multitudinous waters; the place where you are not; the lover you will never know; monstrous flowers, and perfumes that bring madness; cats that stretch themselves swooning upon the piano and lament with the sweet, hoarse voices of women.

"And you shall be loved of my lovers, courted of my courtesans. You shall be the Queen of men with green eyes, whose breasts also I have wounded in my nocturnal caress: men that love the sea, the immense green ungovernable sea; the unformed and multitudinous waters; the place where they are not; the woman they will never know; sinister flowers that seem to bear the incense of some unknown religion; perfumes that trouble the will; and all savage and voluptuous animals, images of their own folly."

And that is why I am couched at your feet, O spoiled child, beloved and accursed, seeking in all your being the reflection of that august divinity, that prophetic godmother, that poisonous nurse of all lunatics."

The Poems and Prose Poem of Charles Baudelaire
New  York, Brentano's  Publishers 1919

I took these pictures using a Polaroid philter.

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