Friday, June 10, 2011


Visiting this kind of Market is always an amazing experience. Truly speaking it is like traveling back in time to the beginning of thai culture!!!  In contrast to the  Department stores -here in Bangkok there are many modern and luxurious ones- people here at the traditional market are always smiling,  making tourists fell really welcome.  For example, when they noticed I was taking photos of them, they even kept smiling!!!!!

However, this Floating Market is relatively new, Starting from 1987, Mr. Prachum Ch.  Talingchan district director at that time has initiated the project aiming to create a market place for agricultural products which where abundant in the surrounding area.  Then the market was transformed into a floating Market,  Beginnng from the construction of 5 bamboo rafts to sell foods and noodels in 1999, and being gradually developed to the present day of 11 iron floats.  Boat excursions to visit Orchid farms, flower nurseries, or snake farms in Phasi Charoen canal also are available for the tourist.

Local government is promoting this place to be visited by tourist and locals, the day we went  there, there was a group of journalist doing a TV reportage. you can see them on pictures

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