Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

This restaurant is located on Sukhumvit Soi 12 where is located the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), at Asok BTS station.  It might be a little tough to find it because this restaurant is located in the Soi (small street).  You have to walk down the street and try to look for the sign of PDA building.  It seems that the owner wanted to hide this interesting place.  ;-)
The atmosphere of this open air restaurant is lovely, with fairy lights hung all around in the trees.  It makes you feel in the middle of the jungle.  Around the tall and old trees lies tables and along a wall flows water, like a waterfall.  Its sound makes you relax!  Although the weather here in Bangkok is quite hot (above 33°C in summer) this restaurant doesn’t have air conditioner.  However, there are many fans spraying water vapour that keeps you fresh. 
The founder of Condoms and Cabbages opened this restaurant to promote the knowledge and understanding of contraception throughout Thailand. "He theorized that cabbages are a common food in Thailand, in fact they are a staple part of the diet, grown in all villages and everybody uses them. If only condoms could be as common and cheap as cabbages, then some of the population and health problems facing Thailand could be overcome!"
After payment of the bill, this restaurant will give you ¨condoms¨ as a complimentary for your visit.  There is a funny sign at the exit gate ¨... condoms for Republican size or Democrat size¨.  However, I did not pick up any single one because I could not find any condoms for ¨Tyrant size¨: D

This the most popular menu "Cabbages and Condoms".  Don't worry !!!  It is not a real condom... but it is "glass noodle" which is made from rice.
All dummies are wearing their clothes made out of actual condoms.
A close up of Santa Condoms!

Believe me or not ?!?!  This colorful flowers are made of condoms.

Can you find any one for you?
The environment and decoration is simply awesome... Although there is no air conditioning it is very very comfortable...

Condoms came attached to the bill : )

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