Friday, June 24, 2011

King Rama VIII Bridge

King Rama VIII Bridge!
The length of this bridge is 475 m; but, the total length, including the approach spans, is 2.45 km. It had been built from 1998 to 2002.  It has 2 lanes per traffic direction and a bicycle and walkway lane.  It is a really amazing structure in Bangkok, and it commemorates the memory of King Rama VIII.

There are fantastic images to be taken here at all times of the day. If you are keen on bridges and photography, this is a must visit location. I like this place!!!
The day I took this picture I walked from this bridge until Thammasat University!  This tour I did in less than 2 hours.

About its structure “It is an unsymmetrical cable stayed bridge with one Y shape pylon which is 163 m high.  The bridge itself is a cable-stayed bridge with a peculiar “A” shaped pylon as its only support; located about 1/3 the distance from the west end of the bridge. The cables are painted a gold/yellow color, as are a number of other metal components. It is a beautiful sight to lay eyes on, especially at dusk and into the night.”

There are many restaurants located by this bridge.  My wife and I occasionally go to a restaurant, Kinlom Chomsaphan, where you can hear live music!!!  At 6 or 7 pm the atmosphere in this restaurant is really nice: romantic music, sunset, dark-blue sky and then many yellow light bulbs illuminate the bridge.

“The combination of beautiful architecture combined with a park atmosphere makes this place quite attractive to city goer’s needing a break and some exercise.  There is, however, a small area under the eastern flank, which harbors a dead end street and small area where you’ll usually find people fishing or just handing out”.  You can see more photos here

A public ferry

These last photos I took from Thammasat University campus. 

Someone lost his/her pet, it says: "If you find it the reward is THB 5,000" (almost USD 175.00)  So far, I am looking for it!!!!

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