Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First day, Pattaya

We left Bangkok at 11.00 am and arrived Pattaya at 13.30.   We took the bus at Ekkamai bus terminal in Sukhumvit area.  The cost of the ticket is Baht 115 per person.  We didn’t have any problem with the time table, we boarded and left on time.  After arriving in Pattaya and checking in at our hotel we decided to stroll for a while around it.  I got surprised by watching most of the menu are written in Russian and Thai.     My wife told me that the first trimester most tourists visiting Thailand came from Russia. 
In the afternoon we decided to go beach.  From the edge of the cliff I saw the lovely beach, it looked so quiet and serene, no waves.  The first time I saw the beach was when I was 9 years old, it was in Lima.  I can remember this first experience, I got a strong seasickness while standing up at the water’s edge that I was about to fall down, but I didn’t!!!  Bit a bit zigzagging along the beach I got accustomed to the back and forth of the waves.  After a while I was able to play and swim; and then I discovered the beauty of the sea. 
From time to time I came back to the beach. As I was a student at the University I used to spend all of my annual vacation working as a volunteer in a social Program “Vamos a la Playa” at the beach!!!  Normally, this social program starts from January to March and supports poor children to spend vacation at the beach and each group is for one week.  These children’s families are really poor that even they (children) need to work to survive and their parents can’t afford their vacations either.  One day afternoon working for this program, while we were staring at the sunset, a boy -hugging me strongly- whispered “tell me please that I am not dreaming”.  Not only did I get some profitable experiences from working for this program at the beach but also I made good friends.  So far I still keep in touch with them. 
So whenever I go to the beach and see its greatness and beauty, smell its aroma, hear its quietude I can’t avoid remembering these old experiences. 

Swimming at the hotel swimming pool.
A lady playing ... I don't know the name of this musical instrument.... if you know the name and whether it is  chinese or thai musical instrument, please let me know!!!

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