Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Every cloud has a silver lining

I usually go jogging during the week.  Yesterday afternoon after running about 5 km I decided to go swimming.  No sooner did I start swimming than it started raining heavily, oh damn it!!! Another downpour!!!  I came back home and started reading about “deep of field” on photography.  To be honest, although I have read a lot about this topic, I am still confused.   After reading for a while, I wanted to do some experiments with my camera.   I grasped my camera, adjusted high ISO (2000), and short exposure times and then I approached to the balcony.  Suddenly, I saw an ineffable image!! You can see it below.  I didn’t have enough time for setting my camera in a low ISO, thus you can see the pictures with a little noise.  It could have been better, if I had a tripod, and adjusted the camera a low ISO (100-400) and long exposure.   


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  1. Wow! This looks amazing John! Well done...