Sunday, May 29, 2011

Third day, Pattaya

These are our last pictures taken on our last day in Pattaya.  Yes, it is the same beach but the perspective, light and shadow are different from the previous one as I took them during the early morning before 9 am.   By this time the ebb tide allowed us to stroll along the area where normally is covered by water and we saw some local villagers were finding mollusk.  It is always a nice and relaxing experience to walk at the water’s edge, and to feel the fresh and smooth sand beneath your feet.  

Guess!!! What is she drawing on the sand?
Can anybody tell me what are those on the seashore ?  No.. no.. no.. they are not chits ... ha .. ha.. but those are the sand crabs´holes.

Finally, Hotel's swimming pool

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Second day, Pattaya

These pictures were taken on the second day of our awesome trip in Pattaya.  We had our breakfast early morning at or about 7 am.  There is a nice hill well known for the locals and tourists as ¨Khao Phra Tamnak¨which is great to go hiking, so we decided to do it.  It is quite good to bring a bottle of water with you.  On the top is the view point of Pattaya Bay and it is the best view point of the town.  There is also located a Navy Radio station.  Behind radio station is the statue of ¨Phra Bhorom Wong Thur Krom Luang Chumphorn Khate Udom Khiree¨ or known as ¨Father of Thai Royal Navy¨.  After enjoying a wonderful panoramic view of the gulf, you may stroll around the area.  There you can find some street-food vendors and market stalls selling not only food and drinks but also souvenirs to the visitors.