Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elephant riding - Ayuttaya


There are many things that so far I haven’t done yet.  One of these was elephant riding.  The last time I rode an animal, a horse, was frankly speaking a really unfortunate experience.  I fell down violently from the horse, while the horse was running.  Happily I fell on the mud.  That is why I am still alive and writing for you all.
Last week, during the Songkran Festival my wife and I decided to visit Ayutthaya.   After visiting some temples that I posted the pictures on the previous post we decided to ride elephants.  In general, this was a nice experience; they are really strong and graceful animals.  In the historical time, this animal was used as a vehicle by the worrier in the war, and the white elephant was reserved for the King.  I have also learned about the fighting of King Naresuan riding on an elephant against Burma to become independent.
By the way, the elephant riding fee is BHT 200 per round for Thai (almost USD 6.5). and BHT 400 for foreigner (USD 13).

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