Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pak Klong Talat (flower market) BKK


I visited the flower market after reading its reviews on Lonely Planet.  Pak Klong Flower Market is the biggest fresh flower market in the city. This is where flower traders from all over the country convene at the wee hours of each day to unload their freshly cut blossoms in bulk.

The kaleidoscope of bright, blooming colours, coupled with a symphony of fragrant smells, from roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, indigenous orchids, and many more, is just amazing. The earlier you arrive on scene, the better, as market seems to wind down soon after the first few morning hours.  Walk along the streets to see the amazing variety of flowers - also try to find the large indoor wholesale hall.  It’s a beautiful experience you will see so many pretty flowers you don’t even know their names.

Go there at early morning, and Keep in mind that Pak Klong Talat is a local market, consequently, this place is crowded and loud!!


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  2. @tongche. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I am leaving here in Thailand... let me tell you Thailand is really an amazing country!!!!