Thursday, December 23, 2010

Petronas Twin Tower & KL tower.

This fountain is located just in front of the Twin Tower. 

Petronas Twin Tower. Opening in 1998, the steel-clad twin towers rise 491m above street level.  It was built with a design based on geometric patterns originating in ancient Islam and is one of the tallest buildings in the world.  The highest floor visitors can go is the 41st-floor, which connects the two towers at a modest 170m above street level.  To get hold of one of the 800 tickets issued daily, you'll need to join the line at the ticket counter in the basement by at least 8.30am; tickets (only one per person) are usually gone by 10am every morning.
The hostel where we lodged is located near both the Twin Tower and KL Tower. So we went to these places by walking.  The first night to come back to our hostel from the Twin Tower, we decided to take a taxi.  At the main gate of the building there is a desk where you can ask for a taxi but you must pay MYR 2 (almost USD 1) just for getting a “meter” taxi.  Of course, it's better than crossing the street and taking a taxi by your own; by doing this you may meet dishonest taxi driver who refuse to apply the meter. Here in KL, the taxis are not comfortable like the taxis in Bangkok.   Most of them are rather old and not in a good condition. Nevertheless, taxi drivers are really friendly and they are always eager to talk with the tourists. 

KL Tower, at a breathtaking height of 421m, the KL Tower is the 5th tallest telecommunications tower in the word.  The skyscraper was built using 45,000 cubic meters of extra strong concrete weighing in at an impressive 100,000 tonnes. It was constructed as a state of the art telecommunications tower to provide better telecommunications and broadcast transmissions.
KL tower also provides visitors the 335 meter high observation deck excellent 360 degree views of Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. 
It is open to the public from 9am to 10pm daily.  Before taking the elevator you must buy a ticket which costs MYR 48 for adults (USD 15).  Once up, it is available audiphones in several languages that can help your tour in the KL tower.  Taking pictures from this place is a little difficult due to the window glasses.  Nevertheless, below you can see some of my pictures taken from the KL tower's top.  By the way, the picture above was taken from Batu Caves, 23 km far away from KL

Time Square Building.

On the right top of the picture you can see the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and the Butterfly Park.

Lake Gardens located just a few hundred meters from busy Chinatown.

Merdeka Square.

Panoramic view of Twin Tower.

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