Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cusco -Perú.

This year the rainy season was really disastrous in Cusco Peru. There were floods along the Inka's Sacred Valley in the wake of tempest.  More than 2000 houses were destructed by this "natural disaster" and more than 10,000 people were homeless.   Traveling to Cusco by this season is not a good option, nevertheless I went to this wonderful place by this time.  Here some of my impressions. Up: a wonderful, kinda quiet overview of InKa's Sacred Valley.

Cusco Panoramic view from "Cristo Blanco" close to Sacsayhuaman.  Keep in mind that cusco lies on the peruvian highlands aprox 3400 m.a.s.l. So if you are not familiar with altitud I advice you that the first day you get cusco you rest the whole morning or afternoon unless you want to get the altitud sickness! The temperature swings among 5°C to 23°C during the day.  You can get this place by taxi (10 minutes) by horse ( aprox 30 minuts) or walking (aprox one hour and a half) from the main square.  When I took this picture I chose the second opcion.

Around the main square there are a lot of good restaurants and cafes where you can spend some hours and share your times with friends or reading a good book.  Walking by night it is a good opcion, you can see things that it is impossible to see during the day. Once keep in mind at night the weather is really cold.

On the top of the church at my left (on the picture) it is placed the most famous peruvian bell - I could even say the most famous bell in Latin America-.  This bell was made in 1655, Its wights is 6 tons, and it's 2.10 m high.  It is said that its powerful and harmonies chimes can be heard at a distance of more than 30 km from cusco.

The airplan landed in Cusco by around 2.00 pm, so I got my hostal at aroun 4.00 pm  It is very useful to stay in a hotel located near to the Cusco main square not only for strategic point but also for personal security.  Well that afternoon we rested so that getting familiar with the altitud.  Next day morning we decided to go to Sacsayhuaman by horse.  The tour take around 3 hours.The price is among USD 8 to 12.

It was the first time my wife rode horse... however she's used to riding elephants :D

A male sex symbol carved on a rock located in a cave near to Sacsayhuaman

Getting and feeling the cosmic energy!!!

Walls of the ripping Sacsayhuaman fortress

Amazing and cute cholitas... yes, they can speak English: "photo Mrs just one dollar"

While you are doing hiking you will feel the altittud...

Cusco main square. I took this picture from the hill where is located the Cristo Blanco.

Ccoricancha. the third day we did a citytour.  we visited Ccoricancha, the Cathedral, Sacsayhuaman, Ccencco, etc.  This city tour is "must do"

At the rear of Ccorichancha.

Inside Ccoricancha the astonishing inkas temple. look at how stones were carved with such precision that they fit neatly and perfectly in place next to the others.

The Incas wall is simply amazing!!!
Typical Inka wall.  Can you see the Cougar? ...Came on, try it!... 

OK let me help you!

Voila The most famous Cusco atraction; the stone of 12 edges!  Located 4 corners from Cusco main square (behind the Cathedral). Once more, look at how they were but still carved with such precision that they fit neatly and perfectly in place next to the others.


A panoramic picture of Ccoricancha .

The Cristo Blanco on the top of the hill.

Largest stone of Sacsayhuaman fortress outside of Cusco.  Its weight is more than 100 tons, but still carved with such precision that they fit neatly and perfectly in place next to the other large blocks.

The last day in Cusco we rented a motorcicle (around USD 35) to visit towns located along the Inka's Sacred Valley. This trip -if you want to take good pictures- takes the whole day. Down Pisac town

In Ollantaytambo the last town that you can get by car or motorcicly and the one closest to Machupicchu. To get Machupicchu you must take the train here in Ollaytambo or in Cusco.

One of the most delicious peruvian food "el cuy chactado".  I know that to my german friends this animal is a beautiful pet.

Ccantu the Inka's sacred flower.  According to our tour guide Inkas made use of this flower in order to get the red color for painting and dyeing.

These pictures were taken on March 13th.Añadir imagen